Taking Series 7 Exam/Test

Ok youngn’s and greenhorns to the investing world. Most of you have figured out that you have to jump through a lot of hoops to make it into this wonderful industry of investing. The first hoop that most of you will have to jump through is taking the Series 7. First rule, if you listen to anyones take on the Series 7 and they refer to it as a “peice of cake,” ignore them. The 7 takes focus and interest in the topics. This is not a college course that you can somewhat pay attention in and pass with ease. You have to study and study, and study again. FINRA makes this test hard for a reason! Eventhough there are morons working amongst us that have passed the exam by some grace of god, you have to study your everlivin’ butt off.

It takes supreme focus, concentration, and a full engraining of the information that you use. Find a good study guide from a good company and follow their advice. Do not try to do it your way! Follow the instructions! I didn’t do this and it showed. I didn’t pass the 7 on my first try. I am young and very confident, so I thought I could do it by doing it my way. Hell, I did it in college and made it through. Ha! This is one test that you don’t want to take again, believe me!

I had a professor in college that was a genius. He had his MBA, JD, CFA, CFP and other marks and it showed. His class was the toughest course that I ever took in college, but he always referred to us as “Po,” before we took his exams. If you have ever seen the movie Kung Fu Ninja, you know who Po is. He was basically telling us to be one with the exam. He was basically teaching us to have the focus of a Kung Fu Ninja when we took his exams. I always thought it was stupid, until I started studying for the S7. Lets just say that the information that you read is really good at rocking you to sleep.

Focus young warriors! Live, eat, and breathe the Series 7 information. Train like a professional athlete and relax on the day of the exam. If you know the information in and out you will do fine. If you are not prepared you will know when you start taking the practice exams.

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