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Investorleads.com has been in business since 1987 providing high quality leads and mailing lists to the financial industry.


Kathleen McCarthy has operated Market Blasters from early 1980’s and then InvestorLeads.com, as the age of internet arrived.  With years of experience in marketing , she excels in the list industry. She has specialized in lists of high net worth individuals.  She has run her own consulting firm since 1987. 

Back in the day we used to print leads on 3″ x 5″ cards and mail them all over US. Every major and small operators were using our leads and our printers were running non stop to keep up with the demand. Now it is much easier as we can email your order to you in an hour.

Since 1987

Since 1987 we have been providing the financial industry (ie. stock brokers, financial advisors, private placement brokers, oil & gas and commodity brokers) fresh pre-qualifed investor sales leads at the absolute most competitive pricing.


These leads come with a 100% guarantee and we will make sure that you will be able to reach each and every lead you have purchased from us.

Our investor sales leads are perfect for prospecting people interested in investing wide variety of investments vehicles. This includes more aggressive to something little more conservative investment offers.

Let us know what you need and we can customize your leads to your industry.

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We have investor leads that are highly targeted and have been pre-qualified for the following investments:

IPO Small Cap Private Placement
OTC/NASDAQ Oil & Gas Futures
Speculative Stocks Commodities Blue Chip
Bonds Currency Mutual Funds

With years of experience in generating high quality investor leads. We are able to provide you with most accurate and freshest leads available on the market. We assure you that we can take your business to the next level.

Our goal is to deliver high quality exclusive investor leads at the best price available. InvestorLeads.com services investment firms, commodity firms, private placement, oil & gas, futures, options, hedge funds, small & micro cap, mutual funds and currencies.

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