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FTC Compliant / Do-Not-Call Scrubbed Leads*

(*Please make sure to request DNC scrubbing. We do NOT do it automatically on your orders.)


All our accredited investors leads  are pre-qualified / phones within 45 days for the following:


  • $1 million net worth
  • $250,000 income
  • $100,000+ investable assets
  • Current active investors/multiple investments
  • Mid to high risk investments
  • Good quality, Fresh, Accurate leads

Additional Selects:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Geo
  • IRA Owners
  • Ask us


  • We generate fresh new leads every 45 days. 6 month exclusivity on each lead.

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1,500 leads at 18¢ = $270.00 3,000 leads at 11¢ = $330.00
5,000 leads at 9.5¢ = $475.00 10,000 leads at 7¢ = $700.00

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We have been there:

Since 1987 (that is over 30 years now) we have been providing the financial industry (i.e. stockbrokers, financial advisors, private placement brokers, oil & gas, and commodity brokers) fresh pre-qualifed investor leads at the absolute most competitive pricing.


You get a 100% guarantee for accuracy and we replace any lead that is in error for free. We want you to reach ALL the contacts you purchase from us and we do not leave you standing with contacts that are no good.  All of them will be replaced for free.

Experts in the industry:

As a industry expert we know the lead industry very well. In fact, we are one of the original companies that used to print 3″ x 5″ cards and ship thousands of them, all over the country and to all major brokerage firms. This was before internet even existed. Now it is easy to place an order with us by calling us, or placing your order on our website. If order is placed during normal business hours, we can usually get your order out within one hour.

Free quote:

Contact us for your free customized quote, for your specific industry and geographical area.  There are many other selects you can choose too, like gender, age, type of investment and much more. Don’t forget to ask us about those. All of these are currently offered at no extra charge. Check out the competition. Before ordering from them, do yourself and your company a favor, contact us! No one beats our knowledge of the industry, our service, or our prices. We guarantee it!

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Our accredited investor leads and lists are highly targeted individual investors who have been pre-qualified for the following investments:

IPO Small Cap Private Placement
OTC/NASDAQ Oil & Gas Futures
Speculative Stocks Commodities Blue Chip
Bonds Currency Mutual Funds

We can also provide opportunity seekers, consumer leads, industry specific leads, mailing lists, telemarketing lists, affluent seniors, women investors, accredited investors, mutual fund investors and speculative investors. For the complete list of our lead categories please visit this page.

  • Accredited investor leads with a net worth of at least $1 million +
    and an income of at least $250K+
  • All leads are fresh and accurate
  • Our investment leads are FTC-compliant, which means that they have been scrubbed against the FTC national Do-Not-Call file (please ask about FTC DNC requirements.*
    You may need a SAN – Subscription Authorization Number).
  • 180 day exclusivity on each lead
  • 100% Guarantee for accuracy and quality
(*Please make sure to request DNC scrubbing. We do NOT do it automatically on your orders.)

To further customize your accredited investor leads or any type of investor list you may select by age, gender, geography, income and net worth.

Accredited Investor Leads and LIsts

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Our high-net-worth investors (HNWIs) typically have liquid financial assets (e.g., cash on hand or an asset that can be readily converted to cash) of between $1 million and $5 million. And ultra-HNWIs have more than $25 million in liquid assets. These groups are highly desirable clients, especially if your firm is in growth mode. Acquiring an HNWI or ultra-HNWI could put you well down the path to reaching your goals for the year. But how do you go about prospecting for high-net-worth clients? Contact us to inquire about the our investor lead products.

Of course, all clients have different wants, needs, and goals for their money and their future, but the amount of wealth they hold can be a big influence on what they value most from a financial advisor—and what you need to do to attract and retain them. Below I’ll discuss the unique wants and needs of highly affluent clients and lay out the key strategies that will help you go out and get them. Additional Links.