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In going for a stock market flotation, you'll need the help of good business advisers. These people play a critical role in steering you and your company through the flotation process. However, finding the right advisers isn't as easy as it looks.

The really good ones can help their clients raise millions of pounds, steering them through a process that can be tortuous and often fraught with danger. For that reason, they can be the most expensive sources of corporate advice.

Floating your firm on the stock market costs hundreds of thousands of pounds. To do it well, you may need to spend a lot more than that on fees. If you're after a slot on one of the big-name markets like NASDAQ or London, you'll probably have to spend even more.

You’ll need the following advisers:

  • A good quality Chartered Accountant, who will ensure your financial reports conform with the requirements of your chosen public market, and will assist in the preparation of the forecasts and financial documentation necessary for your company's flotation. It may well be that your existing accountant could handle this. But you may need to recognise that the process of becoming a company involves a significant up-grading of many of the financial processes within your business. You need to be sure that your accountant can handle this higher level of business and has the credibility and reputation that will provide comfort to the market. The more your existing structure and internal processes are aligned with those of being a public company, then the less likely your accounting procedures will need to be drastically reformed.
  • You’ll also need a reputable financial adviser to take you through the flotation process. In many ways, this adviser will 'lead' the flotation team, advising you on the key decisions you need to take and leading in the preparation of documentation and discussions with market organisers and potential investors.
  • A good corporate law firm is needed to help you prepare the company for flotation. This work includes preparing key documents and undertaking any constitutional or structural changes in your company prior to it going to the market. Again, your legal advisers should be appropriately qualified, and should have a strong track record in this field, with a good reputation among market players. For a list of legal specialists visit the Law Society of Scotland
  • A stockbroking firm to give you access to your chosen market is another must. The broker acts as your company's agent on the market, arranging purchases and sales of your stock. The broker should be a member of the market you are targeting, and should have good connections and a solid reputation with potential buyers of your shares. In certain circumstances - for instance if you are seeking to raise a substantial amount of capital from your flotation - it is best that the stockbroker leads the team handling your company's flotation.
  • A public relations company is usually recommended, particularly for a substantial flotation, such as those going on the main list in London, or to NASDAQ or EASDAQ. Good public relations (PR) can be vital to public companies, ensuring that you maintain good relations with the financial community by providing timely information on your company. Try the Chartered Institute of Public Relations or the Public Relations Consultants Association for addresses. Your PR advisers can also help you to manage the expectations of the market to your flotation, ensuring that your company attracts positive coverage from the financial media. Stock broker leads can have a significant impact on how your company's shares' perform once you have opened for trading on the market.

How well your company does out of the flotation will depend to a large extent on the quality of the advisers you retain.

Your existing advisers can still have a role in developing your business, even if you decide to proceed with a flotation. Any direct involvement in the process, however, will depend on how well qualified they are to carry out this activity and whether they have a strong enough reputation within the financial community to make the work they carry out credible and effective.

Where your existing advisers can contribute is in helping you to make an effective choice. As they are likely to be more familiar with your business, they can act as a 'bridge' between where you are now and the flotation process. If you have a good relationship with your existing advisers, you may find them a valuable source of personal advice - perhaps as a useful counter-balance to the big players likely to be involved in your flotation, all of whom will have a vested interest in taking your company to the public markets.
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