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All of our senior investor leads (60+ age) have been prequalified, which means all of these investors are pre-qualified for the following:

  • $1,000,000+ net worth
  • $100,000+ investable assets
  • 60+ age
  • Current investor
  • Hold an investment portfolio

With more and more financial products, services and investment opportunities coming on the market, that are specifically geared to meet the financial needs of an aging population, affluent seniors are becoming an active, viable market to target.

With an array of financial planning needs, the senior population is rapidly growing with the first group of "Baby Boomers" beginning to retire. These boomer seniors are active, healthy and have more wealth than any other generation before them.

All of our affluent senior leads will have a networth of at least a million that has been verifed by phone within the past 45 days.

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  • Homeowners
  • IRA/401K owners

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Investor’s Business Daily® Launches New Trade Campaign; Cites Superior Results in Audience Surveys

LOS ANGELES (November 22, 2005) Investor’s Business Daily® (IBD™) launched a new, integrated trade campaign to announce  the “extraordinary” results in or from?? the 2005 IntelliQuest and Monroe Mendehlson syndicated research surveys.  Both studies reaffirmed IBD’s position as a leader in Top Management, Affluent Senior Level, On-Line Service and many other categories, continuing to demonstrate that Investor’s Business Daily delivers an extraordinary audience to its advertisers. IBD’s new ad campaign launched this week in Adweek, Brandweek, Mediaweek,  & Media Magazine.  The print campaign will be complimented with an on-line component in AdAge.com, Mediaweek, Media Post and Media Life. 
“IBD continues to be a leader in reaching top decision makers worldwide,” states IBD Vice President and National Ad Director, Terri Chiodo. “We’re in a competitive environment, so this continuing quality in IBD’s audience and leadership in so many key categories is what we deliver to our advertising partners.” 

According to the 2005 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, IBD’s readers are 319% more likely to have a total asset value of over $4,500,000; 263% more likely to have an HHI of $1,000,000; 151% more likely to spend $75,000 on watches or jewelry; 139% more likely to be a president or CEO than the average professional.   

IBD’s performance in the 2005 Millward Brown IntelliQuest CIMS study showed similarly outstanding results.  IBD was the only publication in comparison with their usual competitive set to have a gain in audience. Most of the other publications had double digit declines. IBD surged 22%, in the Top Management composition category and 26% in the Senior Level composition category.  Additionally, IBD ranks #1 in multiple On-Line Service categories, demonstrating leadership in reaching Internet-related business influencers both at home and work.  The study has been hailed one of the most important media buying and marketing tools for the technology industry.   

IBD and the companion website, www.investors.com, continue to maintain a core audience that includes top business influencers and decision makers.  The loyalty of that audience—combined with IBD’s introduction of enhanced features and new proprietary screens this year—have made it a must-read for business news, financial data and market strategy among professional and individual readers alike.  

Chiodo added, “Our latest ad campaign shows that, pound for pound, we are the most effective vehicle to reach extraordinary individuals and executive industry leaders.”


About Investor’s Business Daily: Investor’s Business Daily®, its digital edition eIBD and the award-winning companion Web site, investors.com are recognized worldwide for empowering individual and professional investors with cutting-edge research, stock screens and ratings that can’t be found anywhere else.  Through unique proprietary screening criteria backed up by decades of market research, IBD™ highlights stock winners and major market turns as they emerge. Some of the most widely used screens include the IBD 100 list of top-performing companies, Your Weekly Review, The New America, and Screen of the Day, which all have outperformed the market. Founded in 1984 by leading investor William J. O’Neil, IBD™ has redefined the way news and financial data is presented.  Investors.com, named one of the Forbes “Best of the Web,” provides a suite of equally powerful tools and screens for identifying market stars.  Both eIBD™  and investors.com are available worldwide. MRI Spring audience numbers are at 573,824, and MMR measures a median HHI at $85,000+.  In addition, IBD™ hosts popular investment workshops based on the CAN SLIM™ investing methodology, which has outperformed major market indexes.*  IBD™’s market writers can be heard teaching the same principles on national television and radio shows.     

*The American Association of Individual Investors' independent "real time" study, AAII Journal ended May, 2005, found that IBD’s CAN SLIM™ had a 849.1% gain over past seven and a half  years (1998 through June 2005)