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Prospecting the Affluent Investor


Certainly, an effective way to boost the number of affluent clients you serve is by expanding your offering to deliver more holistic wealth management—building a practice through which a team of experts provides comprehensive advice in such areas as tax, financial and estate planning.

At the same time, however, wooing the affluent investor can be challenging. In fact, the process is considerably more complicated and takes significantly longer than it does for traditional retail investors. Affluent investors have complex, multi-faceted financial situations and usually, long-established existing relationships with investment professionals. As a result, it will take time to win their trust. Through patiently taking an array of carefully mapped-out and, sometimes, out-of-the-ordinary steps, you can be successful in prospecting the affluent investor.

Consider the following as you develop your prospecting strategy:

  • Forget about seminars
    Affluent investors do not respond to seminar invitations generally speaking. And, of course, cold calling is out of the question. Your early efforts, instead, should focus on the increasing engagement among your existing clients who fit your target market. These clients are in the best position to introduce you to other affluent individuals. Meet with these clients often to articulate and reinforce your value proposition. That way, when they are asked for a referral for a financial professional, you are top of mind.

  • Form a client advisory board
    This is a group comprised of 10 to 14 valued clients who regularly meet for four to eight hour sessions run by a professional facilitator. Board members keep the firm up-to-date on current and future needs, provide feedback and review new initiatives, among other functions. They are by definition more actively engaged than other clients therefore they also tend to provide two to three times more referrals than non-board members.

  • Increase your visibility
    Specifically, you should pinpoint activities that will raise your profile in your community and among individuals in your target market—everything from joining local civic organizations likely to attract affluent individuals to sponsoring high-profile fund-raising events in your community. Another tactic is to invite clients, their friends and other potential prospects to small gatherings at which you feature speakers who can discuss topics of interest, including non-financial subjects that might appeal to your target market.

  • Use the media
    With the right strategy, you can increase both your visibility and credibility as a reliable wealth manager. Consider contributing articles to local publications and websites or writing a book on topics that will solidify your expert credentials. Then, use those credits to turn yourself into a resource for the press.

  • Remember that high-quality service is essential
    When it comes to selecting a wealth manager, the key selling point for affluent investors is an enhanced level of service. For that reason, you need to continuously deliver on your value promise through developing strong client relationships, including regular, attentive interaction tailored to the preferences of the client. For example, find out whether the individual prefers more frequent emails, telephone conversations or in-person meetings. To further deepen the bond, you should try to integrate your services into the fabric of your clients’ lives by, for example, offering to facilitate multi-generational family meetings.

Keep in mind that trust is gained over time. Once they decide to do business with you, affluent clients may only hand you a small part of their portfolio at first. By providing a consistent high level of service, you can win a larger wallet share over time.



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